Theatre of Relevance

Theatre of Relevance philosophy is initiated by Manjul Bhardwaj in 1992. Being active for 25 years, it is committed to creating cultural consciousness, creators consciousness while channelising constructive vision with Indian and global context. 

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United Students Initiative

Every child is A Hero with unique Identity, thought, dreams, aspirations, and achievements. Every child is a Creator and a Storyteller and must be encouraged to create and express his / her stories.

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We initiate Theatre Festival in New Delhi-Mumbai, Book Publishing and launch, Storytelling Festival, Bal Natya Utsav, Theatre of Relevance based intervention in corporates, organisations, schools, communities, social oragnisations, acting, writing, creators envisioning forums, all at Individual, Indian and International level.

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What We Do

We are a young organization that believes in value-based relevant content. With the onset of the digital mania and in the times where intolerance is spreading like wildfire, we believe we are the guardians of humanity, love and creation. So, thoughtfully, we initiate events and publish books only if it’s going to make a real difference to the society.


What You Can Do

Initiate a Theatre of Relevance intervention in your company, school, organisation, group. Let us know when you want to host a Theatre of Relevance Festival in your city. Collaborate through our United Students Initiative in your school, community, group. Ask us for more information.