Creators Connect Community Weekend Session – 11th February 2018

मनुष्य प्राकृतिक संसाधनों का सही उपयोग कर अपने विवेक से ऊर्जा का उत्पादन करता है और उस उत्पादित ऊर्जा को अन्य प्राणियों के जीवन यापन के लिए साझा करता है। यह अन्य बात है कि संसाधनों का उपयोग आज मुनाफा के नज़रिए से मापा तोला और बेचा जा रहा है। मनुष्य खुद भी एक अमूल्य प्राकृतिक संसाधन है और इस उर्जा को जब हम सम्मिलित करते हैं, एक दिशा दिखाते हैं तो यह हमें समृद्ध कर देती है।

11 फरवरी 2018, यह एक नया आयाम गढ़ने वाला सृजनात्मक दिन है क्योंकि आज मुझे पता चला कि मैने अपने अनुसार एक प्लान बनाया कि 11 फरवरी क्रिएटर्स कनेक्ट वीकेंड सेशन हम किस तरह डिजाइन करेंगे और उस डिजाइन को एग्जिक्यूट करेंगे। मुझे यह पता चला कि हम तय करते हैं एक तरीका लेकिन वह प्लान अपने आप ही सबसे उच्चतम प्लान बन जाता है। तो यह सही है कि ब्रह्मांड की ऊर्जा को हम आह्वान करते हैं। वह ऊर्जा, हमारी ऊर्जा को सृजित, प्रेषित करता है।

After the 4th February Creators Connect Weekend Session, where we have explored storytelling, animation, acting, had me excited and looking forward to 11th February session of Pixilation Animation.I was very excited and without wasting even a moment, I started connecting with many people to spread the word of the upcoming workshop. In doing so I realised that our earlier thought and concept of Creators Connect, that number of participants will not define the success or failure of the event. Rather it is a Celebration!  Irrespective of the number of participants.With the same zeal and zest, we welcomed our morning and decorated our venue, ready to welcome our Creators and Co-Creators.

As per the schedule of the day, we had planned that the filmmaker of short film Utran would start the session at 11 a.m. Wherein we would screen her short film and she would talk about the journey of creating this film, her inspiration, her challenges, and her achievement. We understood that post her sharing, other participants would share their thoughts and ideas. And in doing so, everyone would be inspired by the creation that will be shared with the Creators Connect platform. However, we were informed that due to her grandmothers’ health, she would be reaching the venue at 1:00 pm, hence late for the session.

The session started with 7 participants, the participants were creating a prayer flag which was designed to value oneself and believe in ones being. हमको मन की शक्ति देना मन विजय करें दूसरों की जय से पहले खुद को जय करें।

Soon we packed few snacks and Juice and was headed towards the park with our mobile cameras, tripod and brewing ideas that were churned at the venue about pixilation and what all could be explored in acting.Every creator wanted to explore pixilation animation through the idea that they had written in their idea Bank.

We performed various pixilation animation exercises and in an exploratory way, the children participants-creators worked as a team to animate the adult participants-creators. They directed us to perform as a group of friends,  talking while there happens an earthquake and we all fall down. Fortunately,  before this exercise of earthquake performance, Kritika Malhotra the filmmaker reached the park and was later joined by 3 more adult participants. In a way, I was happy that we all were to perform in the children-creator directed pixilation animation. It was a marvelous experience, and we all laughed and enjoyed.

I was also beaming with joy that the plan that had changed in its own way, changed for better! Kritika Malhotra the filmmaker has more viewers than before. Her message of compassion would touch more hearts and so did it happen. We were 10 viewers for the screening of Utran and Kritika Malhotra’s experience sharing. It was a wonderful exchange as participants were from varied age group, which is the idea and concept of Creators Connect. It is conceived in a way where everyone is watching, talking, eating, sharing, laughing together.  What a meaningful day!

The session concluded by 2:30 pm and yet five of us creators were sharing and chatting about each other’s work, vision, challenges sipping hot coffee. Relishing the talk and coffee, gradually Advait went peacefully in the bedroom and slept off.
It is an overwhelming joyous wonder,  witnessing, feeling the positive vibration flowing in the air. There is peace, calmness, and happiness. This indeed is the parameter of the success of a community where learning flows from one entity to another effortlessly and enriches everyone in the process.

Eagerly looking forward to endlessly more of such initiatives.

THEME: FLIPBOOK ANIMATION STORYTELLING WHERE PARTICIPANTS WILL EXPLORE WRITING, DRAWING, FLIPBOOK ANIMATION, STORYTELLING FACILITATED BY SIDDHARTH MASKERI – animation filmmaker, writer, creative director, illustrator, mentor. INITIATED BY SMRITI RAJ – artist, writer, Theatre of Relevance practitioner initiator.
Please note: There is no facilitation cost for the creators connect weekend sessions, the registration cost is utilised for procuring materials and other overheads.

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