Ghar Chalte Hain! – Lets Head Back Home!

Creation is The Way

“घर जाना”, क्या है? जब हम घर की बात करते हैं तो हमारे मन में कौन सा “घर” आता है…..जो हमें सुकून और अपनेपन का एहसास देता है, हमें छूता है और खुद से जोड़ देता है। Home is where the heart is but are we following our heart today? क्रिएटर्स कम्युनिटी की शुरुआत तीन क्रिएटर के ऊर्जा से हुई है और यह ऊर्जा और भी क्रिएटर्स को प्रभावित करेंगे अपने लगातार सृजन के साथ। क्रिएटर्स कम्युनिटी में हर किसी का स्वागत है जो अपने कला ऊर्जा और विचार को दृष्टि देना चाहते हैं और हमारे साथ उस दृष्टि को साझा करना चाहते हैं इस क्रिएटर कम्युनिटी ब्रह्मांड में हर कोई ब्रह्मा है और हर कोई सूक्ष्म परमाणु।

In today’s era of competition, race, success, position, achievement, comfort, buying, selling,  Do we listen to our heart? Do we nourish our mind, body, spirit?….. Are we building relationships, trust, togetherness, love, collaboration? Are we raising community?

These questions intrigued me. I came from the same structure, mindset and the system, Now I am relooking…where I am from and redefining my location. There has been a constant conflict and struggle between my core and the way society, system and I myself had been functioning. I realised that this whole circle is consuming and exhausting. So I decided to break the circle and to work on our vision of community, to raise the world that I want to live in. Coming from the same system and mindset means where I have exploited and have been exploited, where I have been an opportunist and catered to the selfishness of the whole conspiracy of consumption, where my decisions have brought miseries to me and people around me, where position, success, earning, relationships, and everything related to living is actually grave deadness. That life seemed like a myth unfolding once I was in the state of contemplation, awareness, and enlightenment in the process.

I saw that there is a struggle in both the choices, whether we become part of the whole consumption circle or we create a new world. So breaking free was not as difficult as I thought, I just had to break through my own blocks and conditioned mindset. My earning meant the world to me, it made me feel that I am Independent, and that the economical Independence is the way to my integrity and freedom. I was wrong! and I realised that it was not my freedom but the reflection of my slavery to the system that subconsciously I wanted to shun. Practically there are some changes that we need to make when we decide to create, and those changes immediately/visibly nurture our home, folks, children, family, society.


With this learning, we decided to transform a journey into a mission. The Mission was to create and unite. Creators Unite slogan and #CreatorsUniteRoadTrip became more than just a hashtag on Facebook. It directed me to inspirational people, creators, movement on the way, and I connected to them with a vision. It nurtured my learning and perspective. Since 2017 I have actively pursued my decision of being a creator, and have been connecting with all the creators in the orbit, to construct and envision the world that thrives on humanity, on the culture of the community, where the learning flows naturally and effortlessly from one entity to another, without the pressure of performing or being perfect….these notions are ill-defined and the parameters of performance or perfection is unknown and unreal. Look into nature, the natural ecosystem….and then tell yourself what you see…in context to performance and perfection. Then why take the pressure, why compete, why perfect? Being visionary and humane is natural, and this choice guides our journey.

A question intrigues a thought,  the thought transforms into action, the action transforms into mission and goals, and this chain reaction processed conviction while connecting with people who spoke the same language looking towards a humane world. My vision further strengthened as I understood that my initiatives are my family’s initiative and through that support, I have achieved clarity and path.

Further, we decided that we needed to focus on raising community and work more towards it. Creators Envisioning Forum and various workshops based on Theatre of Relevance philosophy facilitated by Manjul Bhardwaj, built conviction, belief, and confidence, to start from what I have, rather than waiting for an ideal time and resources. I thought that the ideal time is right now, the ideal resource is in front of me, where I am sitting, my house, the people are my resource, my family, which is constantly with me, is indeed my resource, and I realised that I have abundance. And the feeling of scarcity vanished. My vision made me rich that very moment.

Creators Connect Community

Creators Connect Community is an initiative that starts with my family and extends to the like-minded participants, co-creators and creators. The idea keeps on evolving and achieving greater conviction when we explore, meet, exchange, express, and exercise openness with more creators in the orbit. I met Manish Jain and experienced immense joy knowing his journey and vision, it inspired me to see his family working together towards one vision, that brought me a sense of relief and greatest success. In the world where families don’t think twice before going nuclear because we cannot sustain the diversity under one roof, and here we talk about unity in diversity in our country.

This thought made me think more about the system and the way our society is functioning. I understood that one thought is so phenomenal that it has the capacity to affect and challenge the cultural, political, societal, economic aspects of the country. We are very proud of all the achievements, advancement, development, technology and education today. However, the thought that comes to my mind is whether all of this has actually simplified our life or created complications. Has the system been able to eradicate the social issues? have we become less corrupt? have we become more tolerant? have we become humane? compassionate? We need to think about it.

Just Like A Huge Family

I understand that there are challenges when we are diverse (that is the beauty), living under one roof, but we don’t push, run away,  judge, eliminate, ignore or bully each other in a family. Today I have understood that being together as one comes with responsibility and everyone shares that responsibility. The most important aspects are clarity, communication and acceptance and rest evolves itself. Charity begins at home and so I see that humanity begins with myself extending to my family and community. We identified how we can engage and involve the participation of like-minded creators which gave us more clarity on who are these creators in the community. Learning from the family structure it was simple to understand the community structure and functioning. In a family, we have a grandfather, grandmother, cousins, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, daughter, son, domestic helpers and so on, similarly, the community needs to be built and raised.

The Creators Community provides a ground and space to interact, exploring with a theme all co-creators work together to come up with a constructive creation. In a way, it is a healthy ground for exchanging, expressing, exploring, experiencing, diversity of knowledge, information, learning. The children are the core resource of this community, through whom we all learn to be spontaneous and joyous while creating effortlessly without any anxiety or apprehension. The senior citizen brings in their vast knowledge and experience which is channelized in the thematic exploration. The rest of us get to explore child and wisdom within us while channelizing our energy creatively and constructively.

The home that we need to raise, build and love to return to, is also the home within us, the core.
This is the learning that nurtures trust, belief, exchange, sharing, courage, confidence, integrity, clarity, wisdom and peace. As a woman and common person, I can create, nourish, raise! I believe anyone can do that once we decide and envision.




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We are at war with our own stupidity.

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