Theatre of Relevance philosophy is initiated by Manjul Bhardwaj in 1992. Being active for 25 years, it is committed to creating cultural consciousness, creators consciousness while channelising constructive vision with Indian and global context. Theatre empowers as a facilitator, teacher, manager, leader, business entrepreneur, nation builder. laboratory of self-exploration, a space to challenge one’s own self, self-worth, strength, and weakness, ability to connect with others, emotional intelligence, expression, openness and likewise which leads into a deep understanding of human processes.

The greatest challenge in the system today is the mask that everyone wears and through Theatre of Relevance processes the human beings are encouraged to voluntarily unmask themselves which creates a belief in their natural self, their ability to rediscover, dream and to create a vision for themselves and their counterparts. The unmasking is a process which streams freshness and harmony, positive vibrations and emotional strength, intra and interpersonal bonding and creates a team of effective human beings. Theatre of Relevance stimulates a collaborative learning environment by connecting theory and practice, thus, learning for /of/from life, out of the four walls into the world.