Come Unite, Come Unite, Join Hands

The Concept
Every child is A Hero with a Unique Identity, Thought, Dreams, Aspirations, Expectations, Reasoning, Actions, Perspectives, Mannerisms, Habits, Emotional Temperatures, Nuances, Responses, Speech, Language, Accents, Physical Abilities, Conditioned Value Systems, Beliefs, Struggles, Problem-Solving Abilities And Achievements.
Every child is a Creator and a Storyteller and must be encouraged to create and express his / her stories.
United Students Initiative (USI) imbibes the philosophy of Theatre of Relevance (TOR)
By facilitating us to map ourselves in relevance to the world we live in and the world we are creating every moment, participants self-discover the answers to the core questions of ones existence –
Who am I?
Why am I here?

The Need
To ignite and strengthen the self-confidence in every child that they are unique and special.
To instil the belief and confidence in every child to express and be heard.
To reassure every child that their vivid and extraordinary imagination is special and must be preserved/ enriched.
To connect the teachers with the child in themselves.
To connect the teachers with their students.
To connect the parents with their children’s multi-dimensional magnificent personality.
To experience the power of UNIQUENESS in ONENESS.